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Stealth/Survival/Horror mash up!

Sneak past demons, craft potions, upgrade your character, find keys, and navigate the spooky rooms to find your beloved Roxy. Equipped with a dodgy torch that keeps running out of battery (feature not a bug i swear), you need to keep your wits about you, as anything could be waiting for you in the next room..


  1. If something flashes, you can click it to interact with it
  2. Make sure you check everywhere for keys, they're pretty small
  3. Click on an item in your inventory to discard it, or drink it if its a potion
  4. If a demon spots you, it's best to leg it out of the room


  • Click to move to a tile or interact with a flashing object
  • Click on an item in your inventory to interact with it
  • Press Q to turn your torch off


Search for A Star Report (Jack Parnell.pdf 784 kB
Final Build.rar 124 MB


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